What's Learning Disability Assessment?

​Reading, math or writing may have been a struggle for as long as you can remember.  You may have hated tests because of it.  Teachers may have noticed your difficulties or used the term dyslexia in reference to you.  If you've never been tested for a learning disorder, you now have the chance.  It doesn't have anything to do with your intelligence.  It would just mean that you've been unable to make full use of your abilities.  Our state-of-the art computerized testing is thorough and will look at your ability and performance as well as any other issues contributing to your difficulties.

What does assessment cost?

​​The assessments we offer are comprehensive and require a commitment of time to administer, analyze and write up.  The following are the costs associated with each type of assessment:

  • ADHD - $1200
  • Learning Disability - $1400
  • Dementia - $​1300

Where are you located?  Parking?​​

Yellow Rose Counseling, PLLC
5900 Memorial Drive, Suite 218
Houston, TX  77007

​On the corner of Memorial and Westcott.  Just down from Memorial Park and across from Bayou Bend.  Parking is FREE in the attached parking garage.  Enter off of Westcott and park in any space.

What's ADHD Assessment?

You have probably suspected it for a long time, but never got tested.  You know the struggles with organization, keeping on track and following the plan.  Your school may not have offered the testing.  Maybe your parents just didn't believe in ADD / ADHD.  But now, you want to find out for sure and look at your treatment options.  We offer a comprehensive battery of tests that incorporate your history, current symptoms and functioning, and any other possible explanations or contributions to your difficulties.  We'll use the most current technology available in the testing process.

About Assessment...

Do you take insurance?

​​We do not take insurance.  This comes with the advantage of not having to file a mental health diagnosis for you that remains on your medical record indefinitely.  Your diagnosis and report are your property and your choice when or how to share them.  ​However, if our clients choose to file with their insurance, we can easily provide you with a superbill, which is a detailed statement for insurance reimbursement.  Depending on your plan, your insurance company may reimburse you directly.  If you want to find out in advance, contact your insurance provider and ask about the process of reimbursing for out of network providers.

What's Dementia Assessment?

You may be concerned seeing noticeable changes like increased confusion, forgetting more than usual, getting lost, or acting out of character.  You may be wondering whether you or your loved one may be able to live alone.  No one wants to receive a diagnosis of dementia, but early detection can lead to earlier treatment and better outcomes.  A thorough cognitive assessment is the starting point for the important life you may need to make.

Why work with Dr. Lane?

​​He's well-trained and experienced, with many years of positive feedback.  He has 18+ years of assessment experience, with years of advanced training including completion of a post-doc specializing in assessment--particularly ADHD and LD.  He also has years of experience in skilled nursing facilities including testing for dementia, making recommendations, and aiding in competency determination.  At the conclusion of testing, you'll receive a report that you can use as you see fit.  It will detail all findings and can help you decide your next steps.  These decisions need to start with accurate findings and diagnoses.